The culture of relaxing and leisure

Follow the aromas and let yourself be seduced by the colours on this journey of flavours

A different way to travel

With Viaja you choose and share the lifestyle of the country you visit. Live an experience of tradition and contemporaneity that excites you and teaches you new customs. Give yourself an inside look at the artistic heritage, the people and the landscape.


Leisurely travel, with no hesitations, in the small towns and cities of art in Italy


The Travel Menu: discovery, knowledge, taste.  Spain fast becomes an addiction


Markets, gardens, art, fashion, design . Do you want to be part of our world?


Gourmet Trips

The spirit of the trip: arrive, perceive, taste, remember


Dream, desire, travel, discover

Short Leisure Trip

A few free days? Happiness can be found in short but immense moments

Green Trips

Travel to places of poetry

Travel with Viaja al Sur and Tiziana

Follow your passion for taste. Try new places with rich cultural and artistic heritages and stunning landscapes. Rediscover your appetite for urbanity, wheting your palate with architecture that tells the story of the evolution of mankind. A taste for the beautiful and a taste for the good.

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