The ocean of Canary Wine

Winery adventures with locals

The last volcano eruption in the Canary Islands occurred in Teneguia in 1971 on the island of La Palma. The Canaries are an archipelago of 7 main islands and is the result of hundreds of volcanic eruptions over millions of years.Our proposal for this enological trip is to visit Lanzarote and Tenerife.

Lanzarote is located approximately 120 kilometres off the coast of Africa and 1,000 kilometres from the Spanish coast.

Its lunar landscape and the dry and dusty climate whipped by hot winds make difficult any kind of culture but the inventiveness and talent of men has allowed the vine-growing. It one of the best examples of what is known as heroic viticulture. You will leave the harbour of this natural volcanic zone to sail to the beaitiful island of Tenerife. The volcano Teide will give you a warm welcome.

You will walk along an incredible, magical place: from the beautiful green vineyards and pines to the breathtaking magnificence of El Teide.


€ 735 person

Duration trip:

Minimum 7 days

Suggest time trip

All Year

Traveling in a different way

A fun and cosmic encounter will lead to a thrilling wine experience

Seven days (or more) in the Canary Islands to visit Lanzarote and Tenerife.

Arrival at the Lanzarote Airport. Spectacular wine tasting and aperitif welcome for a first contact with the island delights Guided tour to a local winery and dinner with a wine expert who will discover you the the different sides of the cultivation of the vineyard.The next 4 days in Lanzarote will follow the rythm of Nature.

After that an historical tour in Tenerife will follow to discover the old capital of the island: La Laguna. The story of the city is strongly influenced by the tradition of winemaking and its commercialization. Several wineries and vineyards will be visited. You will participate of the life of the vineyard form the early hours of the day to help you understand better the wine from its roots. This will make you understand it and taste it in a different light. Following the wine you will discover the island until El Teide where you will walk the road to the top.

On the seventh day and after breakfast we will take you to the Tenerife airport.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in spending more days in the Canary Islands.

Trip Details

  • 3 nights in Lanzarote in a typical accommodation
  • 3 nights in Tenerife in a typical accommodation
  • Transfer to the Lanzarote Airport – Accommodation
  • Transfer to the Tenerife Airport – Accommodation
  • Private transportation service for all trip
  • Guided tour to La Laguna
  • Visit to 3 wineries. 3 wine tastings: 2 vertical 1 horizontal
  • Visiting vineyards with the owners
  • Wine course “Wine as convivium (optional)
  • Teide excursion

For those who want to spend more days and for nature lovers we have further  activities

Every trip and traveller are different. That is why we want to satisfy your special requests and meet your needs.
Let us know your requests.

Custumize this trip for me

Travel’s memories

Gracias a Viaja al Sur, pude despreocuparme de todos los detalles de la celebración de nuestra boda. Salio todo de maravilla, nuestros invitados quedaron encantados y los detalles fueron espectaculares. Nuestro viaje fue espectacular. El caribe Italiano.


Licores y brujas

Benevento, en el sur de Italia, la ciudad italiana ms amada por la brujas. Seguir leyendo

Senderos de la costa amalfitana

La costa amalfitana es parte de los montes Lattari que son a su vez son una prolongacin de la cordillera de los montes Picentini. Seguir leyendo

I Trulli

Una construccin rural propia de la regin italiana de Puglia, que se realiza ntegramente con muros de mampostera de piedra en seco (sin mortero). Seguir leyendo

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