Gourmet Trips

The spirit of the trip: arrive, perceive, taste, remember

Wine Islands

Volcanic rocks, the whip of the wind, the blue sea, mountains and pines, vineyards spreading across the country. All these things are what strongly determine the identity of the Canary Islands, the Eolie islands and Pantelleria.Immaculate whitewashed houses packed with charm, amazing historical wine cellars with a great tradition has been passed down from parents to children until our days.

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Wine Tours

“Wine is the most civilized thing in the world.” Drink of the Gods, the protagonist of the orgies and bacchanalia of the mysterious ancients, present in the myths and legends of Homer. Wine is a visceral relationship between the land and man, a sacred and unpredictable alchemy. Get lost in the vivacity of the reds and yellows, move with the serenity of the green. In this atmosphere, we travel through anthropology, history, myth, tradition and archeology.

Gourmet Adventures

The essence of any place is in the fruit of its land. Taste its products, uncovering the hidden flavours, its secrets. Accompanied by our chef, we embark on a travel of taste; landscapes mix with gastronomy in a whirlwind of colours and flavours. Meeting at the table to eat the land and learn new things.

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