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I follow my passion for taste. A taste for places with rich cultural and artistic heritages that have equally stunning landscapes. I rediscover the appetites for urbanity and city centres, whose architecture and streets tell the story of evolution and innovation of mankind. A taste for the beautiful and a taste for the good, which are always uncovered in the vibrant world of gastronomy.

My land is the South. A land of extremes and of contrast. The South is the boundless land of poetry. Those from the south can be gentle and in equal measures severe, elegant in their self awareness. They take pleasure is sharing the history of their land and even the most mundane stories of their families. The tables are always laden with love, and a meal is not complete until the last person has had their fill.

Leave. Return. Remember. Share.

Leave. Once I leave my home I face a challenge, a new travel.
I already know which cities I will visit, which sights I will see, the transportation I will use and the restaurants I will eat at. Everything follows a detailed and well researched, but still adaptable to changes, plan that will make of the travel an intimate, personal and unique experience.

Return. For me coming back form a travel is never a “goodbye”, but always a “see you next time”. I never say “been there, done that” of a place once I get back home.
The season you’re in, the emotions you feel and the people you meet are the things that make the difference each time you visit a place from time to time. Every travel is an adventure. Adventure not in the way of an extreme sport or a high risk activity, but as the thrill of walking down new path or a known one with new travel companions.
Adventure is the feeling of surprise that with time transforms itself into an unforgettable memory.

Remember. Memories make up your everyday life in whirlpool of words and bright-coloured daydreams that revive brief moments of a trip. Meeting up under a deep blue sky with the sun lighting the ivory buildings, both sacred and profane, while sipping a bright red aperitivo. Time slips by in laughter and talks, tasting new foods, experiencing new adventures. Every trip is a memory to cherish upon returning home.

Share. At the end of every trip I reflect on the ease and enjoyment of sharing these moments. At every start there are always doubts and my head fills up with “what-ifs”, but every time the worry dissolves away as each group relaxes into sharing the experience.

I like to eat with other people because the table becomes a place for sharing emotions and opinions. During the trip you can get to know people’s attitude both as travellers and table mates. At the table, I learned to observe gestures and to listen to the words of my dining companions because what can define us better than the expressions of pleasure and approval that a good plate of …..? It’s in that place that we become more sensitive, more ourselves.

Viaja al Su travel agency was born in Barcelona with the goal of taking the paths less travelled through the Mediterranean.

Over the years were have explored many destinations through diversely themed lenses and we are always designing new excursions. The latest being the introduction of “Gourmet Travel” trips that are led in collaboration with experts in the gastronomic scenes of each individual place. Each voyage, to grand European cities, is interactively designed with the movers and shakers of each place, making the, full of surprise and unique experiences.

It is always our objective to offer travel that is tailored to the wishes of each individual traveller. Each request is carefully considered so that we can create your best trip, at fair prices.

We are a great fit for couples, young families and small groups who wish to experience slow travel. Each trip is designed around a theme and is undertaken in small groups to guarantee personal care and attention.

Accommodations and activities are carefully selected to be harmonious with the theme and ambiance of each destination, ensuring that each trip is representative of the culture deeply rooted in each place.

Necesitas más información sobre nuestras proposta de viaje? Puedes llamar al teléfono +34 600 630 124 o escribir al email


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